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10 Commandments Of One Percent Living

The 10 Commandments Of One Percent Living

For most people when they are ready to lose weight they start eating better, exercising and the weight starts to come off.

Then after a few weeks they hit a plateau and struggle to maintain any type of momentum.

If you find yourself in this type of plateau then pay extra special attention these 10 commandments of One Percent living.


1. Eat enough healthy fat.

This will not make you fat. You need to eat these healthy fats because it contains nutrients and more importantly makes you feel full which prevents you from overeating. Healthy fats also provide long-lasting energy so that your body is no longer dependent on carbs for energy.

2. Eat enough vegetables.

Make sure you eat plenty of colorful vegetables each and every meal. The vegetables are going to provide much needed vitamins and minerals for your body to function properly.

3. Don’t Graze:

When you first cut out extra carbs you may find that your cravings increase and you are wanting to graze all day long. This is because your body is in a bit of shock without all those sugars to feed on. Give it a few days and your body will learn to use fat for energy and no longer have intense cravings for sugar.

As your body adapts and when you are eating enough healthy fats you won’t even have the urge to graze.

4. Be truthful to yourself:

It does no good and doesn’t get you any closer to your goals if you lie to yourself and act like that food doesn’t contain as many carbs as it really does. You are doing this for YOU so be honest with yourself.

5. Don’t under eat or go to the extreme:

So many get nervous that they are going to eat too much so they instead cut back so much on calories that they undereat and wonder why their body isn’t burning fat. Don’t fear that you are going to overdo it. Eat at each meal until you are comfortable, but not stuffed. Assuming that you are eating enough healthy fats and moderate protein and vegetables the amount of food should carry you over to the next meal. Get used to the portion size you need to eat to keep you full until your next meal.

6. Eat a moderate amount of protein:

You really don’t need any more than 0.8gms – 1 gm of protein per pound of ideal bodyweight. Your objective is to reduce the amount of carbs, increase healthy fats and keep your protein intake about the same as it has been.

7. Pay attention:

Carbs are everywhere and in foods where you would least expect them. So pay attention and read labels and packaging. Try to limit or avoid any foods that contain more than 5 percent carbs.

8. Minimize fruit intake:

While fruit has a whole is healthy they do contain a fair to high amount of carbs/sugar. So while you are eating to reach your goals it is smart to control your intake of fruits so that you limit the amount of total carb/sugar that you consume in a day. Once you have reached your goal and are maintaining then you may find some room for a few servings of fruit per day.

9. Control Your Dairy Intake:

Dairy is another food that overall is a healthy choice, but some forms of dairy contain a good amount of carbs and can be an obstacle in the way to your ideal body.

10. Be consistent:

Remember you are eating for a goal and not just eating to be healthy. So be consistent in your meal planning, meal prep and actual eating.

Follow these 10 commandments consistently and you will reach your ideal body in a short amount of time. Be consistent, pay attention to the details and attack each day and you will become a One Percenter.

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