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3 Diet Makeover Tips

If you are looking for weight loss advice or diet advice you usually don’t have to look too hard to find it.  You may hear that “low carb is the answer” or “just exercise” and you can eat more of what you want. 

The advice is everywhere…

While much of the advice could be solid advice there are plenty of other factors that you may overlook because they aren’t the latest fad yet work more effectively or could be the missing piece to long term weight loss.

Permanent weight loss is a series of small steps and changes to your lifestyle that will trigger permanent weight loss.  They are called lifestyle changes. 

For your body and more importantly your hormones to function properly so that you achieve weight loss you need to make sure you include some of the basics to successful weight loss.

Assuming you have tried one of the hundreds of diet plans that are out on the market you most definitely know the idea of calories and how to restrict different types of calories such as fat and carbs.

Now they may help you lose weigh in the short-term, but if you can’t stick to that plan long-term then the fat usually comes back on. 

If you incorporate a series of small changes that can be followed long-term then you are more likely to lose more weight and most importantly keep it off.

Here Are 3 Diet Makeover Tips To Get You Started…

Makeover Tip #1:  Drink, Drink, Drink

No, I am not talking about alcohol.  Wouldn’t it be great to go out for a fun night with your friends and have a few drinks and come home to more weight loss.  We can all dream…

For some this may mean you drink diet soda as a better option instead of sugar filled drinks.  The problem here is that some research has shown that artificial sweeteners may increase insulin levels in your body which can lead to fatigue and cravings for food.  So you think you are saving on calories by drinking diet or sugar free drinks, but could be triggering your body to eat more food. 

Instead opt for water or green tea as your favorite beverage.  Water has zero calories and can actually help you feel fuller throughout the day.  This means you could eat less thanks to the increased water in your stomach. 

Green tea is beneficial because it is full of antioxidants and nutrients that researchers show is effective at increasing weight loss.

So, switch out that diet soda for a glass of water or green tea. 

Makeover Tip #2:  Start Your Day Right

Your first meal of the day is really the most important of the day. It starts you off on the right path.  Now it doesn’t have to be at breakfast time.  If you are intermittent fasting maybe you won’t eat your first meal until 10am or 11am.  That is fine.  

This first meal though will help you eat less food throughout the day and will also boost your metabolism helping you to burn more calories throughout the day. 

A healthy first meal should include complex carbs, high-quality proteins, and essential fats. 

This will keep you full and lead you right to a sensible lunch and dinner without overeating.  

Makeover Tip #3:  Eat Healthy Fats

Unfortunately, there is still a misconception that the word FAT is a bad word.  That we need to avoid it all costs if we want to lose weight, etc, etc.

The fact is fat when consuming the right kind could help increase weight loss. 

Research has evolved and has taught us that there are what is called healthy fats and that it is an important nutrient for processes within the body and vital for hormone production. 

The best healthy fat to consume are essential fatty acids called Omega-3 fatty acids.  These essential fats are found in olive oil, almonds, flaxseed, avocados and salmon to name a few. 

Try to incorporate more essential fat filled foods into your meal plans and take advantage of the weight loss properties they contain. 

So many times we try to over complicate weight loss and jump right past the basic foundational principles that are needed for long-term permanent weight loss.  Avoid making this mistake and instead implement these 3 important weight loss tips.  

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