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3 Easy Steps To Improve Your Fat Burning Hormones

We all have hormones that are released from our fat cells that can stimulate fat loss. 

Yes, that is right…

Our fat cells actually release hormones that influence if we actually burn off those fat cells. 

There are two important hormones called Adiponectin and Leptin.

When these two hormones work together they have the ability to stimulate weight loss. 

The Leptin hormone helps your body by controlling your appetite, calories burned and calories consumed. 

It is released by your fat cells and has the ability to communicate directly with an area of your brain called the hypothalmus.

Communicating with your hypothalamus helps regulate your appetite  by letting your brain know that you are full and that you don’t need any more calories.  This is the main role of Leptin and actually your fal cells to be able to tell your brain when you have plenty of fat stores.

If your fat cells are toxic then Leptin is unable to communicate with your brain. 

When you are overweight your fat cells produce even more Leptin to tell your brain to stop eating, but the problem is your brain is no longer getting the signal.  This is what is called Leptin Resistance.  

When you have Leptin Resistance it increases your appetite, your cortisol levels and resistance to other hormones that control metabolism.  

Like Leptin another hormone called Adiponectin is also released by only your fat cells and it helps to regulate glucose (sugar) and fatty acid breakdown. 

When you are overweight this hormone slows down instead of increasing like Leptin. When it slows down it releases pro-inflammatory cytokines.  These cytokines make your fat cells sicker which then leads to more Leptin Resistance.  

Notice how all these hormones work together and if one is out of whack it can affect others.

When you start losing weight your adiponectin hormone levels increase and this helps to stimulate even more weight loss. 

This also helps your fat become less sick and your leptin resistance decrease.  

Now that you know which hormones stimulate weight loss or influence weight gain here some easy steps to implement, help these hormones function for effectively and repair sick fat cells. 

1.  Move Throughout The Day

As we now know the more fat cells we can stimulate helps to release more Adiponectin which stimulates even more weight loss.

Researchers have shown that the more we move around or exercise the more it stimulates this process.

Another plus is that you burn more calories which can alter your Adiponectin levels.

2.  Increase Your Anti-Oxidant Intake

Anti-oxidants are powerful nutrients that fight off chronic inflammation and can be found in many different fruit and vegetable sources. 

You can also find these powerful fighters in wine, coffee, green tea and cocoa. 

They destroy something called free radicals which renders them useless and are no longer able to harm our bodies and cause inflammation. 

When you reduce these free radicals you reduce the chronic inflammation therefore allowing your immune system to run optimally the way it is supposed to run.  Instead of trying to fight off the chronic inflammation. 

New research is also showing that these anti-oxidants could potentially make your Leptin more sensitive which allows your brain to get the proper messages. 

As we discussed above Leptin Resistance is an issue that causes more weight gain so if we can keep it from becoming resistant the better chance we have to lose the weight we want.

3.  Get More Sleep…

Getting enough sleep could just be the easiest way to increase your weight loss.  

Many studies have shown that lack of sleep could be one of the most important reasons why we are not losing weight. 

In one particular study it showed that even ONE night of bad sleep can alter some of our hormone levels that can cause us to not lose any weight.  

Sleep deprivation has also been shown to lower Leptin levels which as I discussed already a lower Leptin level can increase your cortisol (stress) hormone, increase your appetite and weight gain. 

The Next Steps

If you make small changes to your current lifestyle such as these 3 easy steps it could create a dramatic change to our weight or your attempt to lose weight. 

Not only will these changes help you reach your weight loss goals, but it can also potentially improve your health and reduce your risk for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and other health issues. 


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