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3 Tips To A Flatter Stomach In 7 Days

Do you find that losing weight is a challenge?  No matter what you try it seems that the scale doesn’t budge and your pants don’t fit any different? 

How about the fat that just wont leave your hips, thighs or butt?

If you answered yes to any of these struggles then you may have a problem with your metabolism. 

Don’t worry though because if you implement these 3 flat tummy strategies you can give a “makeover” to your metabolism in the next 7 days.

Here Is Your 7-Day Kickstart Metabolism Guide

There are a lot of ways to provide a kick-start to your metabolism, but many just don’t move the needle like you need it to

Here is what you should be focusing on to move that needle and fire up your metabolism.

1.  Control Your Cortisol

This hormone is often labeled as a stress hormone because it will elevate quickly when you experience stressful situations.  You have heard of the phrase fight or flight response.  Well, your cortisol is making both of these response happen quickly. 

The problem is because we all have busy lives and stressors that activate our cortisol that our fight or flight system is constantly on alert or overactive.

What’s wrong with being alert I am sure you are asking…

Well, being alert is fine, but doing so because your cortisol is elevated it not fine.  Elevated cortisol levels can cause your body to store more abdominal fat which then affects your metabolism.

Controlling your cortisol levels is one way to bumping up your metabolism and improving overall weight loss. 

An anti-inflammatory diet is a good plan to follow as it is effective at lowering cortisol levels and preventing fat storage.

2.  The Second Strategy Is To Ditch The Sweets  

We all know that eating too much sugar is bad for us, but why is it so bad and specifically to our metabolism?

Excess sugar causes our insulin levels to spike and results in the excess sugar being stored as fat instead of being used by your body for energy. 

You should have a goal of keeping your sugar(carb) intake under 100 grams per day to keep your insulin and blood sugar levels in check. 

One way to do this is by replacing sugar in recipes and other places with Stevia which is a natural sweetener.  You can read all the details about Stevia here…

3.  The Third Strategy Is To Lift That Weight…

If are looking to create that stunning physique then strength training is a MUST.  It helps to not only build lean muscle mass which then helps to speed up your metabolism it can also burn more calories both during and after the workout. 

The combination of high intensity interval training along with strength training can send your metabolism through the roof. 

These are 3 simple strategies to makeover your metabolism and really ignite that fat burning furnace. 

Here is one more strategy to use to lose 2lbs of belly fat by next week >>

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