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3 Uncommon Weight Loss Tips

We know the conventional ways to lose weight, eat better, reduce caloric intake, exercise, etc.

Sometimes though the normal routine just doesn’t work or well fast enough. 

Here are 3 uncommon fat loss tips that when combined with the common methods may accelerate your weight loss or at the very least get you past any plateaus you may be experiencing. 

Uncommon Fat Loss Tip #1:  Turn Down The Heat 

Cooling yourself off while exercising or exercising in a cold room may accelerate fat loss.  

Sitting in a colder room also helps to stimulate the activity of brown fat. 

Brown fat is a type of fat that has a high amount of mitochondria and has been shown to eat up fatty acids for fuel. 

This is the same fat that when you are cold and are shivering is being activated to try and warm you back up. 

Simply turning down the temperature in your house by 3 degrees could burn as much as a few hundred extra calories a day.  

Little tips like this can build up to significant weight loss progress when you combine it with other fat burning methods. 

Uncommon Fat Loss Tip #3:  Eat More Beef

If you are someone that relies on salads and vegetables as your main course then you are on the right path.  Eating a lot of greens can provide you with a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals for optimal health. 

The only problem with this is by mid-day it can lead to huge cravings and hunger.  This could cause you to head to the vending machine or the local drive-thru. 

The best thing you can do is add some lean protein to those greens.  Even a small piece of chicken, steak or fish to a salad can give you that satiety you are looking for.

A 3oz portion of meat can provide around 21 grams of appetite suppressing protein yet only supply around 130 calories.  This is ideal for getting you past those normal craving times. 

This extra protein also helps to burn extra calories due to what is called the Thermic Effect Of Food.  

A recent study showed that people who ate a higher protein meal have lost up to 10% of their bodyweight, just by adding protein to their meal.  They believe this is due to lean protein leaving you full and satisfied until your next meal which means less overall calories eaten throughout the day.  

Uncommon Fat Loss Tip #3:  Get New Plates

Plate sizes have grown over the years and it could all lead back to the mentality of trying to get more food for a buck.  One fast food company made this extremely popular and profitable. 

We got consumed with how much food can we get for the cheapest price.  Well, this mindset transferred to our home as well and we started to see how much food we can fit on our plate.  

This has led to larger plates and the result is an increase in the amount of calories we eat.  This has also led to an increase in weight gain particularly around our waist, hips and thighs.  

Here is a little experiment I have for you…

Find a plate half the size you use now at dinner and lunch.  You will find that you will still fill the plate up but psychologically you will still be satisfied with less calories that you end up eating. 

I suggest filling that smaller plate with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. 

One thing to avoid is going back for seconds because the plate is smaller.  :)

Don’t fall into that mentality… 

One other thing you can do with the smaller plate is put your fork down while chewing as well as sip water during your meal.  Both tips will help prevent you from going back for seconds. 

Need something filling to consume while on the run.  

>> Green Machine is the perfect answer to providing that fullness and satiety while on the run. 



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