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3 UNIQUE Secrets To Losing Weight

Here are 3 unique ways to lose weight that you probably haven’t thought about.  Remember to permanently lose weight it isn’t just about 1 method.  It takes a combination of lifestyle changes to not only lose weight, but keep it off.  

#1 UNIQUE SECRET:  Get A Social Life

Yes, your social environment can help you lose weight. 

I am not talking about going to the gym and hanging out with your friends. 

Scientists have discovered that a world with social interaction with plenty to do may actually TURN YOUR FAT CELLS BROWN

This is a good thing for weight loss when this happens.

To bring you up to speed brown fat is partially responsible for helping to increase thermogenesis because of the many mitochondria that is in brown fat.  Brown fat helps to keep you warm and that requires calories and energy burned.

So how does your active social life help. 

Let me explain…

There is a specific gene called PRDM 16 that is found in fat that may determine whether the fat will be white or brown.  

In white fat cells an active social life could increase the regulation of PRDM 16 and other genes for thermogenesis (calorie burning).

It also may stimulate your hypothalamus to release a protein which can help transform white fat cells to brown fat cells and increase calorie burning.

More calories burned (faster metabolism) can keep you leaner and increase the resistance to obesity. 

#2 UNIQUE SECRET:  Increase Vitamin D With Meals

One of the newest ways to assist with weight loss is to increase vitamin D intake. 

Believe it or not but lacking vitamin D can lead to subtle changes in your body shape.

You could start to notice an increase in fat accumulation around your waist and give you a noticeable apple shape. 

Those with this apple shape have an increased risk for developing diabetes, insulin resistance and heart disease. 

This could be in part because of increased visceral fat around your organs and possibly a lack of proper hormone signaling.  

One way to increase your fat burning potential might be to increase your intake of vitamin D from food, but the easiest way is more exposure to SUNLIGHT. 

#3 UNIQUE SECRET: Increase this ONE Powerful Nutrient

There is a lot of emerging research on which nutrients help with weight loss, but there are a few that have been around forever and have stood the test of time. 

Actually, there are 3 Nutrients that when combined have been shown to be a fat burning powerhouse. 

If you want to lose weight make it a goal to follow these 3 secrets. 

Here are the 3 Nutrients that when combined pack a powerful fat loss combination >>


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