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4 Craving Crushing Strategies

We all get food cravings from time to time.  For some it is constant day and night and when it gets out of control it can ruin your entire plan and goals. 

So, what can you do to stop the cravings? 

We must first understand brain chemistry and how our brain can influence the intensity of our cravings. 

It wasn’t until recently that scientists had discovered that food cravings stimulate an area of our brain called the reward center.  This is also the same area that is stimulated by drugs and alcohol. 

When you have a food craving, it stimulates the reward center in your brain so that you are wanting more and more food. 

We give in again and again. 

At this point some researchers think that our brains start to shut off dopamine receptors to prevent overexposure to the stimulus which is food.

Now you become less satisfied every time you because there are less dopamine receptors to trigger the satisfaction.

You simply keep eating more and more waiting for your brain to tell you that you are satisfied. 

This cycle keeps repeating itself until you have overeaten on calories and are feeling miserable.

Now that you know a little more about how cravings work and before you give into the next food craving try following these 4 tips to decrease or even eliminate food cravings.

  1. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing just like what is taught in Yoga has been shown to decrease cravings.  A study was conducted on smokers who performed deep breathing techniques and they were less likely to crave a cigarette after following this technique.

Next time you have a food craving spend 4 minutes deep breathing and focus on relaxing.  You may find that your craving has passed.

  1. Remove Any Trigger Foods

If you have any foods in your house that you know you can’t resist then remove it and replace it with something healthier.

I know this sounds trivial, but if you know you have a weakness for a specific food make sure it is not in the house where you are going to fall victim to it. 

Another psychological trick to this strategy is that if you know it isn’t in the house and that you aren’t able to get it then the chances that your craving drops is significant.  

  1. Add Your Craving Into Your Meals

Now this one is contra-indicative to #2, but it is a newer approach to stopping food cravings and has been found to be effective for many.   

If you tend to crave something salty or sweet between meals try adding it to the prior meal.  Researchers have found that for some people when it is added to the prior meal their chance of craving it later goes down. 

It may also help you eat less of that food since you will be eating other foods with that meal. 

  1. Sprig Of Mint

This is a simple strategy that has worked for others.  You don’t actually have to chew or eat a sprig of mint, but you can chew a piece of mint gum.  The idea is that by chewing on something minty when you go to eat something sweet it will usually taste awful.  This will deter you mentally from reaching for that cookie or chocolate if you know that it won’t taste good because you have mint flavoring in your mouth at that point. 

Understand that food cravings are common and everyone has them.  Some get the worse than others.

Implement these 4 steps to decrease or even eliminate your food cravings FOREVER!

We don’t want you to leave this article with thinking you won’t ever be able to have something sweet again. 

Like I said we all have cravings and that is normal.  So when you do have a sweet craving especially if it is in the evening and you just want a dessert give this pudding a try. 

Here is what Joe had to say about the pudding. 

Most people get evening cravings. I do almost every day, but thats when people get weak and eat bad calories. Instead of depriving myself of an evening snack, I’m now having some of this protein pudding. It helps my muscle recovery with high quality protein, satisfies my cravings, and I wake up lean!

When your cravings are tempting you to make bad choices.  Crush them with the sweet taste of these delicious pudding flavors.


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