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4 Foods That Melt Fat Off Body Fat

There is a saying that “Abs Are Made In The Kitchen and Not In The Gym

I would have to agree with this 100%.

We can hit the gym and train our butts off, but then go and eat a 1500 or 2000 calorie meal without even blinking and essentially destroy and progress we made in the gym.

So, yes fat loss really does happen in the kitchen. 

Let’s get right into four foods that you should be eating to shedding excess belly fat.

Ironically these foods below at times have been listed as foods that will actually make you fat, but the truth is these foods are ACTUALLY BENEFICIAL for fat loss. 

1. Lean, Grass-Fed Wild Caught Protein

Protein is an essential food that is extremely important to a healthy diet and helps you to build lean muscle mass.

In addition to stimulating new muscle growth it also plays a role in satisfying your appetite and boosting your caloric burn through something called “thermic effect of food”.  It may also slow down the digestion of carbohydrates which the lowers your insulin response.

Some good examples to eat are:

Grass-fed beef
Wild Caught Salmon
Cage-free eggs
Free-range Chicken

Now on to the second flat belly food…

2. High-fiber, Low Calorie Fruits and Vegetables

Not only are fruits and vegetables low in calories but they contain a good source of fiber which slows the rate of our digestion and helps to satisfy our appetite.  These are all important to our overall fat loss results. 

They also contain high levels of anti-oxidants which are needed to lower inflammation and promote better long-term health.

3. Healthy Carbs

This is where you stop and wonder if I have lost my mind…

How can carbs help get a flat belly?...

I know the media LOVES to destroy carbs, but if they dug into the science they would discover that it isn’t all carbs that are bad.

Now we do know processed carbs like instant oatmeal, rice cakes and so forth we want to avoid. 

Complex carbs that contain fiber, vitamins and minerals are needed though to reach our fat loss goals.

They also yield a lower carbohydrate load.

Some good examples to include are stee-cut oats, sprouted-grain breads, wild rice and even sweet potatoes.

Now on to the final flat belly food…

4. Essential Fats

I know it may be hard to believe that fats can burn fat, but it is true!

Essential fats are fats that are not produced by the body so you have to consume them through food. 

They are involved in almost every biological process in our body. 

They can also help to lower inflammation and help your body use more fat for energy instead of storing it.

Omega-3 fat intake is actually a deficiency amongst those in the U.S. and it is leading to many health issues.

Increase your intake of Omega-3 essential fats to not only improve your health, but to also activate the stored fat to be burned off as energy. 

Some good examples are avocados, coconut oil, almonds, krill oil, fish oil and olive oil.

If your goal this year is to show off your tone and muscular body then add these 4 types of foods to your diet and watch your fat loss explode.

Here is a bonus 5th food to include into your diet so you achieve your results faster >>  

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