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4 Keto Substitutions

Ready For Keto, But Not Ready To Give Up Carbs?

When you first hear of Keto and all the benefits you can achieve from following a Keto program you are excited. Tight Belly, ripped abs, healthier heart, lower inflammation, etc.

Until you read that you can’t have any pasta and essentially no carbs…

This is where most people say “Yeh, I can’t do that

There is a way to fool your brain and stomach with low/no carb options into thinking you are still getting carbs.

Here are 4 replacement dishes you can include to make your Keto journey a success.

Recipe #1: Chicken Parmesan

Slice the chicken into thin sliced strips to cut down on the pasta and carb filled noodles. Use grass-fed ground beef as the filling to get in extra vitamins and omega-3 fats. For the sauce use a no-sugar marinara sauce.

This is a good substitute for the conventional chicken parmesan that is too high in carbs to fit into a keto plan.

Recipe #2: Spiralized vegetable noodles

If you are craving pasta which many do this can be what keeps you from getting to ketosis. Spend $25 on a spiralizer and you can turn vegetables into noodles. Zucchini makes great linguine noodles. So much so that my kids eat them and have said if they closed their eyes they wouldn’t know that they weren’t real pasta noodles they taste that good.

You can then top the noodles with the chicken parmesan recipe mentioned above and make a delicious meal.

Recipe #3: Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

This has become one of my new favorites and when seasoned properly taste great!! Chop up cauliflower and cook it with chicken broth for a few hours. Then blend it with an immersion blender or food processor until it is smooth.

Now is where the real flavor gets added. Add some chives, salt, pepper, and grass-fed butter. You will think that these are mashed potatoes they taste that good.

Recipe #4: Keto Rice

You are going to use our wonderful cauliflower again to make your rice. To prepare Keto Rice you are going to chop up cauliflower and put the pieces into a food processor. You will use the pulse option until the chopped up cauliflower resemble rice grains.

Put some soy sauce in a pan and a small amount of fish sauce and heat. Then add the cauliflower mixture to the frying pan and make fried rice.

These are 4 simple Keto substitutions that you can eat as a meal such as recipes 1 and 2. Or use recipes 3 and 4 to add to any dish that you are making or want to eat for that meal.

The key is creating something that convinces your brain that you are eating a carb until your body learns to not be dependent on carbs and instead burns the ketones that you are creating.

One side effect of a Keto diet is it can deplete your body's water and mineral levels, particularly in the first few weeks. The way to combat that is to consume electrolytes so that reaching ketosis is faster and easier on your mind and body. 

Check out here what we have our keto clients consume so that it is easier for them to stay in ketosis >>

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