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5 Belly-Slimming Foods For a Flatter Belly

We all know that everyone wants to eat right so that they can have that slim and sexy body.

The confusion lies in what are the best foods for getting rid of belly fat.

The best way to get rid of the unsightly belly fat is by feeding our bodies protein, fat and carbs, (yes, I said carbs).  These macronutrients feed our metabolism boosting muscle and this helps us burn off that unsightly belly fat.

Here is a small list to get you started with eating the best foods to shed the belly fat.

#5 Eggs

This is one of best foods not just for weight loss, but also overall health.  Just 1 egg contains a good amount of high-quality protein and the essential nutrient choline.  Best of all it is just 70 calories.

It is versatile enough to be added to many different meals and foods.  When you include a good source of fiber with eggs it will keep you feeling fuller for a longer period of time which means less calories consumed.  

#4 Apples or pears with skin

Apples and pears are another great way to add extra fiber to your diet. 

One large apple gives you 5 grams of appetite-suppressing fiber, while 1 large pear gives you 7 grams. 

Fiber helps to curb your appetite, which means less unnecessary calories consumed. 

An apple only has 65 calories and a pear about 100 calories, making both of them a perfect healthy snack or a side dish at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Combine either with cheese, yogurt, or all-natural peanut butter to provide the essential amino acids you need to build muscle and boost metabolism and make your meal a wholesome and nutritious snack

#3 Greek Yogurt

Why is Greek yogurt so good for you? 

Greek yogurt is higher in protein and much lower in carbs than most commercial yogurts. 

It may be a perfect treat for people who are looking to eat low carb!

Combine this with nuts or a touch of honey for a savory treat packed with protein, low carbohydrates, and plenty of belly slimming fiber.

#2 Sprouted Whole Grain (SWG) Breads

Sprouted Grain is considered the “flourless” bread. 

This bread is unique because it is made directly from the sprouted seed, which provides more fiber, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

This type of bread is made from a sprouted wheat berry, picked, ground into small particles, and then added to the mixture, which makes it “flourless."  

Sprouted grain bread is high in protein and packed with plenty of fiber.  This type of bread is the perfect item to include in your menu plan!


Pair this with some grass-fed beef for a healthy steak sandwich, which packs plenty of nutrition and a ton of fiber!

#1 Whey Protein

This widely used supplement is the byproduct of cheese manufacturing.  

The leftover liquid from the manufacturing is purified and made into whey powder, concentrated whey protein, or whey protein isolate. 

Whey protein powder is used in many different products, from bakery items to supplements.

Whey is loaded with essential amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscles.  

Different studies have shown that only 56 grams of whey protein a day may be able to help you lose weight without restricting your energy intake.

This same research also showed that those who consume whey protein resulted in a drop of 4 pounds, 1 inch off the waist, and a drop in body fat of 5 pounds!    

Combine (in a blender) this with ice, a tablespoon of peanut butter for a healthy and nutritious snack with plenty of appetite-suppressing protein.


Incorporate these five foods into your diet plan to provide essential nutrients needed to help you lose weight.  

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