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6 Degrees of Fat Loss

In order to achieve successful weight loss there needs to be a focus on mastering the basics or what I would call the weight loss foundation.

Here are 6 foundational strategies that will get you on the right track. 

1.  Bring Back The Intensity 

High intensity workouts are great for providing a boost to a metabolism.

Fast paced exercise periods of 10-30 seconds followed by lower intensity exercise periods called intervals may just be the best way to strip off unwanted fat and replace it with lean muscle. 

Bootcamp style classes, sprint training and interval training are all great ways to provide a boost to overall calories burned. 

2.  Boost Your Protein Intake 

Protein is an important nutrient to a weight loss program.  It helps to rebuild and replenish muscle with essential amino acids and your body has to burn more calories just to digest the protein.

It is called the Thermic Effect of Food and it requires more calories to be used to digest protein than it does carbs and fat. 

Protein has also been shown through research to provide better appetite satiety for longer periods of time than carbs and fat can do. 

Up your protein intake to burn more calories as well as eat less food.

3.  Measuring = Fat Loss

You don’t have to do this all the time, but in the beginning it is a good idea to properly understand how much food you are eating.  Most people underestimate the amount of food they actually eat.  This leads to additional calories that they don’t account for and then wonder why they can’t lose weight.

Invest is some measuring cups and a food scale in orders to get the proper portion sizes at every meal. 

Once you have a good understanding of your proper portion sizes then you can stop using the measuring devices.

4.  Motivate Yourself

Sometimes we need more than our own internal motivation to keep us on the right path.  

Try writing down your goals and posting them to see every day.  Or post sticky notes around the kitchen to avoid trigger foods.  By consistently seeing and reading subtle reminders and keeping them at top of mind will help you get to where you want to be regarding your weight loss. 

5.  Substitute

If you are craving that sugary food or sweet treat try substituting with a healthier alternative.  There are plenty of healthy foods such as fruit that can provide that sweet craving you desire.  It will also provide plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber to keep you from overeating at your next meal.  

6.  Shoot for 10 Percent

Whenever you set your goal make sure you also set sub goals.  The first goal should be 10 percent of what your overall goal is.  Most people set lofty goals which is fine, but if the goal is to lose 50 lbs it is going to take a while and you may get discouraged along the way. 

If you also set sub-goals at every 10% then that first 5lbs isn’t so bad or hard to reach.  Check that off the list and work towards the second 10 percent. 

Once you start reaching these smaller sub goals it will keep motivating you to keep pushing and that big goal of 50lbs will be reached before you realize it. 


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