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6 Steadfast Rules To Controlling Your Hunger

I know that trying to lose fat can be hard at times.  I completely understand it.  The biggest obstacle that always comes up is hunger.

If it was a perfect world we would find a way to not be hungry and watch our waistline shrink to our ideal body. 

I wonder if that can be done… 

Below are 6 tips to help shrink that waistline to reveal 6-pack abs and not feel like you want to eat everything in site.


1.  Eat More Protein

When my clients are looking to get leaner and create that muscular tone look I tell them to eat more. 

They look at me like I am crazy and you might be doing the same right now, but hear me out.

I don’t mean eat more of anything that you want. 

If you eat more protein though you can speed up your weight loss and control your hunger. 

Protein helps with satiety and keeps you full longer. 

Want to try and prove me wrong?

Eat 2 whole chicken breasts and then at the same time the next day eat an equal amount in calories of Twinkies.  Let me know which food makes you hungry faster.

If you were to eat two 6-oz chicken breasts you would be eating about 420 calories and the amount of food is enormous.  It would take up most of your plate.  Yet, 3 Twinkies have the same number of calories and you could eat those in about 3 minutes and ready to eat more immediately. 

Problem solved…

Protein is a great way to control your hunger while still reducing your waistline. 


2. Drink More Water

Not the most exciting tip, but here is why drinking more water is so powerful in getting that 6-pack. 

It takes up volume in your stomach and it contains no calories.  There is even research showing that drinking more water helps with losing weight. 

Now the question I get asked is does the water temperature matter? 

Research on this topic is pretty split so if you like cold water go for it and if you don’t like cold water and want more room temperature then you are still good.  The results will be about the same.  

The main takeaway that research is conclusive on is that you drink more of it. 


3. Consume More Essential Fats

Did you know that there is a Omega-3 fat deficiency in the US right now.  Of all things you wouldn’t expect us to be deficient in fat.

It is true though...

We are lacking these essential fats in our diet.  This is so important beause they are involved in virtually every process in our body.

We NEED them.

One of the best sources of essential fats is krill oil or fish oil.  Research is also telling us that by consuming more Omega-3 essential fats that fat loss may occur and an increase in muscle mass can occur. 

Double bonus right there.  :)


4.  Exercise

For many of you this is one of those duh moments.  For the rest of you let me explain why it is so important to getting your 6-pack.

Exercise does more than just burn calories.  It helps to build metabolically active muscle and also sensitizes the body to the nutrients we consume so that we utilize more of what we eat.

The increase in muscle will literally pull stored fat and carbs out of the blood to be burned for energy. 

Another benefit from exercise is related to the upregulation of something called the GLUT-4 receptor.  This allows glucose to enter into a cell.  It is located in fat and muscle tissue and leads us to tip #6.


5.  Control Insulin

One thing we know about insulin is that it is a major hormone regulator and that we do have some control over it. 

Think of insulin as your “fuel selector switch” in the body. 

If you have high levels of insulin then you are in storage mode.

This may mean storing carbs in the muscle as glycogen or storing more fat around those love handles you are trying to get rid of.

When you have low insulin your fat burning is enhanced.  Whenever you eat there will always be some release of insulin, but our goal is to keep the overall response of insulin and the amount as low as possible.

We achieve this by eating more proteins like meat, fish, eggs and lot of non-starchy vegetables and Omega-3 essential fats.

Now on to our final tip…


6. Spike Insulin

I already know what you are thinking…


Didn’t I just talk about controlling insulin so why would the very next tip to spike or increase insulin.

I included this tip because there is one time where we DO want to spike our insulin response.  Just for a short time though.  When we are strength training and lifting weights our body is primarily fueled by carbohydrates.  So our fuel selector switch (high insulin) activates carbohydrate metabolism which is ideal right before a training session.

Insulin is also a pretty good vasodilator and also increases your muscle protein synthesis. 

The goal here is to create a system that burns even more calories even when you are resting so temporarily spiking your insulin before a workout will help with that. 

Add these 6 tips to your arsenal and then hit the gym to sculpt your body into a sexy, sculpted body. 

Here is a bonus 7th tip to add to your arsenal to magnify your success >>


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