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A Unique Spice That Prevent Fat Cell Formation

You ever wonder why Ginger is used in so many Asian dishes? 

Ginger is one of the most used spices in the world and it has been used for thousands of years from Asia, Middle East, China and Japan.  There are numerous books and research papers touting the benefit of Ginger as a medicinal and spiritual herb. 

It has digestive properties that help to soothe upset stomachs, but there are other ways that Ginger can help us.

Here are some other ways Ginger was and is still used today:

- Aphrodisiac

- Alleviate menstrual symptoms associated with PMS

- Vitality


- Weight loss

If we fast forward to today and the research that has been conducted we now know that the components found in Ginger can help burn fat and decrease the number of fat cells produced by the body.  These components also have both anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity fighting benefits. 

Ginger can actually stop pre-fat cells from becoming fat cells just like Garlic.

There are 2 components in Ginger called 6-shogaol and 6- gingerol that help stop TNF-a from lowering adiponectin.  This is powerful because the more adiponectin we have in our blood the lower our bodyweight and body fat becomes.

Ginger helps increase the production of adiponectin which helps with weight loss.

Both 6-shogaol and 6-gingerol act differently in the body, but they both help to make insulin more sensitive and allow our body to use more glucose for energy.

They help prevent the production of more fat cells and help with fat breakdown. 

Now besides the common health isues we deal with such as diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity there is a growing concern for fatty deposits in the liver. 

It is called NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) and the occurrence is on the rise.  This build-up of fat in the liver leads to cirrhosis of the liver and prevents the liver from filtering blood and nutrients.  

NAFLD is caused by insulin resistance and oxidative stress which leads to damage and pro-inflammatory cytokines that are released by fat which promote disease and inflammation in other areas of the body.  

Ginger activates something called PPARy that decreases these toxic cytokines from being released by fat and works to increase the level of good hormones that increase energy and your metabolism. 

Who knew that a vibrant nutrient used worldwide had so many health-promoting effects in the body.  

It acts as an aphrodisiac, aids in digestion and is used in so many other ways now including weight loss. 

Work on adding more Ginger to your meals and when combined with Garlic and other beneficial nutrients such as FRIED will help you lose weight and burn fat off for good. 

On the next page you can learn more about FRIED.

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