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Accelerate Your Weight Loss With These 4 Tips

After you have tried everything to lose weight – miracle weight loss pills, low calorie, low fat, gluten free and every other diet solution out there…

Where do you go next??? 

You are left frustrated and unmotivated. 

Here are 4 easy shortcuts to provide a jumpstart to the frustrations of weight loss. 

Successful weight loss is still a complex beast and it takes many moving parts to be successful. 

Here are 4 tips to get you over that hump and accelerate your fat loss.

Shortcut #1:  Attack The Hills

You may think that hill you pass by is too hard to run up or even walk, but that incline may be the key to boosting your fat burning.  It will also increase your muscle strength which raises your metabolic rate.  

Research studies have shown that increasing the incline of walking or running without changing your pace may increase your fat burning by as much as 15%. 

The bigger the hills the more calories you burn and more fat lost. 

Shortcut #2:  Get Better Sleep

If you are like most of us then you are probably not getting enough sleep and this can actually cause problems with losing weight. 

Scientists have proven that lack of sleep creates cravings of high calorie foods that end up with you consuming too many calories. 

This can actually be a person’s worst nightmare and why they continue to struggle to figure out why they can’t lose weight.  It is that powerful. 

Aim to get 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

Shortcut #3:  Forget the “Fat Burning” Zone and Bump Up The Intensity

I am sure you have heard that you burn the most fat in the “fat burning” zone.  It has been around for years and essentially the basis of it is that you perform slow cardio to burn more fat for energy.

As research has evolved we have discovered that interval training such as sprints or exercises that alternate the intensity may boost more fat burning during your workout.  

The best part is this type of training may burn more fat after your workout is over.

Science has shown us that the metabolism may stay elevated as much as 40 hours after a workout with this type of training. 

So, if you want to accelerate fat loss go ahead and skip the fat burning zone and do more higher intensity interval training.  

Shortcut #4:  Write Down EVERYTHING

This isn’t something I would suggest you do forever, but if you need to get off that plateau and boost your weight loss try writing down every calorie and every exercise. 

It has been shown that at least in the short-term documenting EVERYTHING you eat and what you do for exercise helps people to stick to the program and they end up losing more weight compared to those who don’t do this. 

If you are at the end of your rope and don’t know where to turn next to finally get the excess fat off give these 4 shortcuts a try and see if you can’t accelerate your fat loss.  

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