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Benefits To Lowering Leptin Levels

Leptin is a key hormone that is secreted by your fat cells and may contain the secret to unlocking long-term weight loss. 

Leptin actually directly communicates with the brain letting it know when you have had enough food and are full.

So, fat does actually influence our body weight and whether we lose or gain weight.

Leptin also tells our brain when we need to eat more food, and store fat.

To say Leptin is a powerful hormone is an understatement. 

There is one problem that many people struggle with and that is having too much Leptin.  When we have too much Leptin our body starts to become resistant to it.  This prevents the communication with our brain and the signal that says to eat or not eat. 

There is a solution…

If you take action on these two things I am about to discuss you can maximize our Leptin levels and in the end lose more weight. 

How Does Leptin Work?

Like I mentioned earlier Leptin is a hormone that is produce and also release from our fat cells.   When it communicates with our brain it is telling the brain how much fat stores we have and if we can stop eating or if we need to eat more.  

What can start to happen is when we have too much stored fat we produce TOO MUCH Leptin.   We then become resistant to it and the signal to our brain gets shut down.  So our brain thinks we are starving because it isn’t getting the signal from Leptin that we are good on fat storage. 

The brain then decides we need to eat which then produces more fat and also more Leptin.  It is a vicious cycle and to lose weight this cycle needs to be broken. 

How to break the cycle…

The two best ways to break this cycle is with diet and exercise of course.

Altering your diet to more healthy omega-3 fats , less sugar, less processed foods and more lean protein you will start to decrease your resistance to Leptin. 

By decreasing the sugar intake you can also reduce inflammation levels which minimizes the fat cells from becoming sick and releasing more Leptin back into the blood.  

High intensity exercise is going to work the best when it comes to exercise as a newer study shows that exercise can lead to an increase in the molecule Irisn.  This molecule can potentially turn white fat cells into calorie burning Brown Fat Cells. 

While sensitizing Insulin, Leptin and so forth you can also create more energy hungry brown fat cells for greater weight loss. 

If you are already significantly overweight make sure you stick with it as it will take a bit to decrease Leptin resistance and for the brain to start getting the signals again.  This won’t happen overnight.  

Make sure you stick with a good diet and consistent high intensity exercise for 30 to 60 days to give the hormone Leptin time to start working properly again. 

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