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Best Weight Loss Advice

If weight loss is something you struggle with then this is important information that you need to read.

As an exercise enthusiast you may be making KEY mistakes that can lead to an increase in weight gain and fat cells that essentially become SICK…

This weight gain could be slowly killing you and you don’t even know it.

Some of these could be SILENT killers, while others you may have the chance to CONTROL and fix them.

Either way, take IMMEDIATE action today to slow your weight gain and reduce these killers. 

The result is a leaner, firmer and stronger you for years to come. 

Some people don’t believe that these 5 things below can lead to weight gain, but they are surprised at how powerful they are in helping you lose weight.  

#1  Stress Is Literally KILLING You

We all have stress, but too much stress could actually be KILLING you.

Stress triggers hunger hormones such as cortisol and tell your brain to eat.  Stress also forces your body to remove sugar from your blood for immediate energy use.  This can cause low blood sugars which again triggers your body to eat food. 

Unfortunately, we tend to choose calorie-rich foods that causes us to eat too many un-necessary calories.

If you are dealing with stress understand that if you don’t control it your hunger hormones will take control and cause you to eat too many calories that leads to weight gain.  

Take a breath, relax and your waist will thank you later. 

#2  Is Sugar As Deadly As Illegal Drugs?

Sugar might not be quite as bad as illegal drugs, but in some peoples eyes it is.  

Sugar can increase your neurotransmitters and opiods in your brain.  This provides comfort and enjoyment. 

The neurotransmitter dopamine increases when you eat sugar and this could affect more than just your waist. 

Even though your dopamine may increase the receptor sites may actually DECREASE.  It then increases your opiate receptors and since sugar releases both dopamine and opiods this is likely to increase addictive properties.  

#3.  Did It Start BEFORE You Were Born?

You probably know that exposure to hazardous chemicals while pregnant may cause damage to the unborn child. 

Toxins from smoking, drinking, chemicals can lead to damage especially to the brain.  

There is now emerging research that says exposure to junk food DURING pregnancy may be harmful. 

It may alter the development of a child’s brain. 

It may actually cause a predisposition to EATING junk food as the child grows. 

Researchers have discovered that when exposed to the high-fat, high-sugar could lead to increased risk of obesity later in life.

They believe that exposure to junk food may lead to changes in the central reward system of your brain. 

If you are pregnant limit your intake of high sugar and high fat food so your unborn child isn’t predisposed to obesity risk later in life. 

#4 Being Overweight Causes You To Get FATTER

Yes, being overweight may ACTUALLY make you fatter.

Fat cells release hormones which control how much you eat and also tells you when you should stop eating. 

The signal to stop eating gets WEAKER when you are overweight. 

This weaker signal can cause you to overeat leading to an increase in weight gain. 

As your weight increases it causes your cells to become more resistant to many different hormones which can disrupt your fat cells from doing their job. 

Yes, fat cells have a job and that is to regulate your energy intake. 

This is where I mentioned about your fat cells becoming sick.  The more fat you become the sicker your fat cells become.  Your fat cells become inflamed and key hormones become more resistant.  

This wreaks havoc on your metabolism and leads to increase weight gain. 

#5 Anti-Fat Foods

I mentioned about how the fat cells become inflamed when your fat increases. There is something else though that can exacerbate this. 

It is something called free radicals and they are a big reason behind weight gain.

Thankfully there is something you can do about it. 

Vegetables and fruits are loaded with powerful nutrients called antioxidants.  

Antioxidants can hold the key to reducing inflammation in the body and fighting against free radical damage. 

These antioxidants may help your fat cells obtain normal hormone signaling again by reducing inflammation. 

It is important that you take ACTION now.  

Just because you may be blessed with poor genes or bad dietary guidance doesn’t mean that you are destined to spend your days overweight.  

Making these changes can not only help you lose weight, but also reduce inflammation that improves your overall health and long-term weight loss. 


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