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Bulletproof Your Weight Loss Success

You have bought all the weight loss books, joined the gym and even tried all the fitness classes. 

But nothing seems to work to help you successfully keep the weight off. 

You are not alone…

There are thousands of people just like you who experience these same results. 

Today is where you will separate yourself from those “other” people struggling to keep the weight off. 

These next 5 weight loss tips will get you over the hump and boost your weight loss.  Most importantly they will help you keep the weight off. 

Success Tip #1:  Daily Weigh-Ins

You can ask 10 different trainers and you might get 10 different answers regarding if you should use the scale and how often you should weigh yourself.  

New emerging research suggests that weighing yourself daily may be more beneficial in keeping track of your weight.

What they found in these research studies is that most people who have lost weight AND kept it off, weighed themselves daily. 

So, the question is why would this work…

It is believed to be because those who lost the weight and were able to keep it off tracked their weight loss or weight gain better.

If they saw their weight starting to creep up after a few days they knew that they had to tighten up their exercise or eating plan in order to get back on the weight loss track. 

Best Advice:  Keep a journal of your daily weigh-ins, daily food and drink intake while you are trying to lose weight.  This will help you know what is working and what isn’t and allow you to find holes in your nutrition plan that may be causing the scale to not move.

Success Tip #2:  Eat More Fruit

Believe it or not fruit may be one of the best snacks for helping you get through the day without craving junk food and eating too many calories.

It is full of water, vitamins, minerals, fiber and healthy sugars. 

The water and fiber in fruit can help you fill up your stomach, slow digestion and lead to less cravings between meals. 

Best Advice:  Aim for fruits that are lower on the glycemic index scale.   You can also combine this with some kind of protein source like Greek yogurt or cottage cheese to have a well-balanced snack. 

Success Tip #3:  Add Almonds To Your Snacks

Almonds are a food that contains healthy amounts of appetite suppressing protein, fiber including healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. 

Almonds have also been shown to reduce your risk for heart disease, improve blood sugar levels and even boost weight loss due to the protein, fiber and healthy fat content.

Best Advice: Since almonds have been shown to boost appetite satisfaction include them as a healthy snack between the mid-morning or mid-afternoon to boost your energy levels and prevent unnecessary unhealthy calories. 

Success Tip #4:  Begin Your Weight Loss Plan In The Fall

Despite the urge to lose weight in the spring and summer time because of that bathing suit there is another season that works really well for weight loss.

The fall time is a great time to lose the extra weight because the brisk cold air may boost extra calorie burn. 

Yes, that is right…

When the cold air enters your body it takes extra calories to bring that air up to your body’s internal temperature. 

The colder air stimulates your body to shiver which pushes nutrient-rich blood to the surface of the skin to warm it up. 

This may also stimulate brown fat activity, which has been shown to burn more calories and increase thermogenesis in your body.  

Best Advice:  Start your weight loss program in the fall when the days are just starting to get shorter, but still long enough to keep your energy levels at a higher level.  

This will help you boost your fat loss during the winter months and have you ready to put the finishing touches on your summer bikini body.  

Success Tip #5:  Determine YOUR “Red Line”

If you want to successfully lose weight and also KEEP it off you do need to draw a line in the sand so to speak when it comes to your weight.  

This could be your weight loss goal and then that is the line that you don’t let your bodyweight climb above. 

This helps to hold you accountable, it encourages healthier eating and ensures you stick to your exercise program.

Best Advice:  Make this “red line” reasonable, because if it is too aggressive then you may become discouraged because it is harder to even reach the line let alone keep yourself from going above it. 

Maybe set it 5lbs above your goal weight and that way you do have a buffer in place to start setting off internal alarms if your weight starts to climb. 

These 5 tips are successful to any weight loss program and many times we forget the basics to weight loss which includes weighing in, holding ourselves accountable and tracking what we are doing.  

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