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Do You Have This Silent Killer?

There are 47 million Americans who are affected by this health issue.  Are you one of them? 

If you are one of the 47 million you are also probably one of many who had no clue what Metabolic Syndrome was until your doctor told you about it. 

The lack of public awareness is the most troubling because Metabolic Syndrome is preventable and can be avoided if you are aware of the risk factors. 

It is vital that you learn about this so that you can reverse it if you have it or prevent ever suffering from Metabolic Syndrome.

A third of Americans already have the symptoms of this disease and it is one of the most prevalent diseases in our country. 

Another third will soon be diagnosed with it as well…

Metabolic Syndrome is categorized according to the American Heart Association as a group of metabolic risk factors that include:

Abdominal obesity
Dyslipidemia (higher triglycerides, lower HDL cholesterol and higher LDL cholesterol)
High blood pressure
Insulin resistance
High c-reactive protein in the blood

There is some research indicating that deficiencies in Vitamin C and E may be partly to blame, but this isn’t the root cause of Metabolic Syndrome. 

We do know from lots of documentation that increased abdominal fat creates insulin resistance and this abdominal fat may lead to higher blood pressure. 

What it comes down to is lowering the risk factors that the American Heart Association has designated as risk factors that cause this disease.

These changes have the biggest impact on whether or not you end up with metabolic syndrome. 

One of the most impactful things you can do is boost your metabolism through thermogenesis.  When your metabolism is sped up you will trigger the breakdown of fat and burn more calories.

The result is less abdominal fat, lower blood pressure and improved insulin sensitivity.  Three of the risk factors are lowered just by doing this. 

If you add in strength training workouts and other high intensity workouts you will build new lean muscle, continue to boost your metabolism and this results in higher HDL (good) cholesterol as well as continue improving your insulin sensitivity.

American Heart Association reports that if you just lose 5 to 10 percent of your body weight you can reduce your blood pressure. 

Now make some simple changes to your eating habits by eating a lower carb diet or keto type diet and now your triglyceride level improves. 

As you can see simple changes like this can improve most of the risk factors that causes metabolic syndrome as well as keep you from ever suffering from this disease and eventually diabetes.

If you are overweight and have not been diagnosed with this yet it just a matter of time before you are.  Make these simple changes now before you get diagnosed with this preventable disease. 

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