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Here Is Why I Have Pudding For Dessert

Do you ever get tired of feeling like you need to drink a protein shake at night so you can boost recovery?  

We know by drinking that protein shake we are doing our muscles a favor and providing it what it needs to grow.  

As you know before and after a workout are great times to fuel your body with the right nutrients. 

It is also important to consume protein in the evening also so that while you are asleep your body is recovering.  

One of those benefits is fat loss. 

Researchers looked through thousands of studies for a link between protein intake and body composition.  

They were able to look at 14 studies that covered 626 adults.  They found that those who consumed whey protein showed significant decreases in both body weight and body fat. 

They also found that the effects were more significant in whey protein groups than in groups that focused on carbs or other protein sources besides whey. 

If you are serious about changing the way your body looks, how it functions and performs then there is one thing you need to do. 

Include more whey protein into your diet. 

Results from a recent meta-analysis showed that those who used whey protein significantly lost more weight and body fat. 

When they added strength training the use of the protein significantly increased the amount of lean muscle mass as well. 

Now it can get tiring trying to drink multiple protein shakes a day. 

That is why I added pudding to my routine.  I eat it as my dessert every night.  

This isn’t just any protein though.  This is a combination of whey protein and casein so that I get both fast and slow digesting proteins. 

This combination gives my body a continuous supply of protein throughout the night so while I am sleeping my body is repairing and building new lean muscle.  

So if you want to pack on more lean muscle and shed excess fat add some high powered protein pudding to your diet and watch your results explode. 

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