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How Caffeine Can Help Us Lose Weight

Millions of Americans are addicted to coffee because of the caffeine kick that it provides so many of us first thing in the morning. 


Some critics used to say it was bad for us and there might still be a few critics out there, but the science has been showing us that there are some real benefits drinking coffee and the caffeine it contains. 

Caffeine may be able to improve performance, increase cognitive function, and increase fatty acid oxidation in your body.  In fact, caffeine may also be able to increase metabolism and fatty acid oxidation in obese, lean, and older adults.

So why does the caffeine and the coffee it is usually delivered in get a bad rap at times? 

Here are the facts about caffeine and what you need to know.

Caffeine is available in two forms.  The first form is anhydrous and the other form is from coffee beans or tea leaves.

We tend to drink the coffee/tea version… 

Anhydrous caffeine when extracted is a bitter, white powder that is appealing to many food manufacturers because it is a way to add caffeine (or more caffeine) to their drinks. 

You still get the beneficial anhydrous caffeine from coffee beans, but it is done by soaking the coffee beans in hot water and extracting the anhydrous caffeine. 

Now let me explain how it can help with weight loss…

Caffeine directly affects our central nervous system that controls our flight or fight response. 

Our central nervous system increases the production of epinephrine which also stimulates the process of burning stored fat for energy (lipolysis).

Researchers Bracco et al. have shown just how effective ingesting caffeine is for weight loss.  They showed a prolonged thermogenic response all day long after consuming caffeine.  This occurred in both lean and obese participants. 

They were also able to oxidize more fatty acids and carbohydrates which were then able to be burned for energy later in the day. 

From their research they concluded that by ingesting caffeine they were able to significantly increase fat burning by as much as 29%.

Additional researchers Koot et al. found similar results, but they also found one additional benefit.  The metabolic rate (speed of metabolism) increased IMMEDIATELY after the caffeine was consumed.

They also determined that their metabolic rate continued to stay elevated for 3 hours after the caffeine was first consumed.  This lead to their metabolic rates increasing by 7%. 

The end result is that more calories were burned and more body fat gone.  All by adding caffeine to their routine. 

One more beneficial side effect to the increase of calories burned is improved performance.  The same researchers found that it can improve short-term, high-intensity exercise as well as prolonged endurance exercise.  

This means you can work harder and again burn more calories. 


Caffeine when consumed as anhydrous caffeine does provide plenty of health benefits and plenty of research studies have shown that it can help you to burn more calories and lose more weight. 

If you are not a coffee fan, but want to benefit from the weight loss benefits of caffeine then FRIED is a specially designed formula to help with the mobilization of stored fat and elimination of fat cells. 

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