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How To Achieve A Negative Fat Balance

Most of us don’t want to lose “weight”.  We want to lose body fat.  We want the 6-pack and defined muscular shoulders.

Body fat is what hides those shapely, defined muscles.  Makes your bikini look funny and creates rolls where you don’t want them. 

To lose body fat you must be in a negative fat balance.  Not just a negative calorie balance. 

We are going to discuss two nutrients that not only will increase your calorie burning rate, but most importantly put you into a negative fat balance so that your bikini is popping again or if you are guy and you take your shirt off at the pool that the girls stop what they are doing to catch a glance. 

The first ingredient is Coffee (caffeine):

Your body is always burning a mixture of 3 fuels:  carbohydrates, fat and protein.  Now the ratios may shift throughout the day depending on what you are doing for activity, but it is always these three fuels. 

If you increase your caloric burn rate, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your fat burning rate increases and you get closer to a negative fat balance where you really start shedding bodyfat.

Roughly 75% of all caffeine consumed in the United States comes from coffee.  Caffeine is now recognized around the world for its ability to enhance alertness and performance.  Research is also now showing us that it can benefit us by increasing the amount of calories we burn. 

Studies are showing that you can increase your calorie burned rate by 6-11% depending on the amount of caffeine consumed and the frequency. 

As little as 100mg per day can increase your burn rate and provide a small thermogenic effect. 

The second ingredient is ephedra: 

I know you are asking yourself why ephedra because wasn’t that banned years ago.  You would be partially correct.

Ephedra that contained the ephedrine alkaloids were banned many years ago, but science has evolved and researchers discovered that there was a specific alkaloid within ephedra that was causing all the harm.  When you remove that alkaloid you can still get fat burning benefits, without the harmful side effects.

Researchers continued investigating this and discovered that when you combine ephedra without the damaging alklaloids and caffeine that you have a powerful fat burning combination.  They called this the EC stack.

The main active ingredient is the ephedra and the caffeine helps boost its effectiveness. 

They then discovered that by adding aspirin to these two ingredients the body’s ability to utilize these ingredients enhanced. 

For a while we were buying these ingredients individually and drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day.  The problem with this is that it was a lot of coffee to just get the active dosage of caffeine.  We decided it would be easier to create a formula that had all 3 of the ingredients scientists and researchers said increased the ability to burn fat.  We took the ECA stack and formulated it into an easy to consume formula.

Our customers are loving it because they are getting amazing results and love showing off their new body at the pool.  Here is just one of our happy customers and why she likes this new formula.


Check out this formula for yourself and start experiencing the same results Kristine gets from it >>


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