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How to Boost This Protein Secreted From Your Fat

You may have or have not heard about a protein that is secreted from your fat cells. 

It is called Adiponectin and it is beneficial in helping you lose more fat. 

Its power is in its ability to control blood sugar levels and break down extra fat. 

Adiponectin is similar to Leptin and has been shown to communicate with your brain. 

These are some important factors when you are looking to lose weight. 

If you are overweight there is a chance that your adiponectin levels are lower which could make it much harder to lose weight. 

Diet, exercise and certain lifestyle choices may increase adiponectin levels which is good for weight loss.

Here Is How You Can Increase Adiponectin Level. 

After scientists looked through dozens and dozens of research studies and looking for different diet and lifestyle factors that would positively increase adiponectin levels they found something interesting.  

They found that omega-3 supplementation increased adiponectin levels anywhere between 14 and 60 percent. 

When they looked at just diet and exercise they found that a low calorie diet combined with exercise was able to increase adiponectin levels by 18-48 percent.

One big discovery was that when fiber was supplemented in the diet there was a very large increase in adiponectin levels between 60 and 115 percent. 

In conclusion the scientists found that good dietary management is one of the best ways to increasing adiponectin levels.  

This is some exciting news, but of course scientists will keep studying this area of weight loss to see what ultimately causes increases in adiponectin levels and if there are certain influences that increase or decrease the benefits. 

As we know losing fat will also naturally increase adiponectin levels which leads to more fat loss.  On the next page THIS formula is designed to burn off excess fat which then naturally increases adiponectin levels to burn even more fat.  

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