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How To Fix A Broken Metabolism

Scientists have been discovering over the last 5-8 years that inflammation is playing a key role in the cause of many diseases. 

It is also tied to the struggles of not being able to lose excess fat off your body.

Inflammation is ruining healthy fat cells making them unable to do their job.

Yes, fat cells have a job that I will get to right now… 

Your fat actually releases hormones that keeps your metabolism working properly and controlling your bodyweight.

So, when inflammation invades those fat cells it creates Cytokines which not only makes your inflammation worse, but makes your fat cells become resistant and cause the Leptin hormone that fat produces to become resistant. 

It also makes other hormones such as Resistan and Adiponectin that help the body process fat to become resistant.  

There is one cytokine in particular that is the worst of them all.  It is called TNF-a and it has a pro-inflammatory response limiting our cells abilities to burn stored fat. 

TNF-a also can cause insulin resistance which is common with those that are overweight or have metabolic syndrome. 

An increase in TNF-a leads to less fatty acids being broken down to be used for energy.  This then leads the fatty acids floating around in your blood to be stored. 

It is a vicious cycle because the more fat you store increases your body fat levels which then increases inflammation and TNF-a levels which then causes you to store more fat. 

So, What Do We Do To Fix This?...

A high fat diet (un-healthy fats) increases the activity of TNF-a which as I mentioned increases inflammation and insulin resistance.   It also has an effect on the Leptin hormone that is produced by fat.

Leptin tells our brain how we are doing from a fat storage level and tells our brain to either eat or not eat.  

When fat sends out this Leptin hormone it is telling the brain we are good and we don’t need to keep eating to stay alive. 

So, the more fat we have the more Leptin we produce.  The problem arises in that the Leptin is what we call resistant or bound Leptin.

This bound Leptin has a hard time making it through the blood brain barrier so the brain doesn’t get the signal from Leptin that our fat stores are good. 

The brain now ends up signaling other hunger hormones for us to eat more food.  We end up eating more calories than we need and storing more fat.  

The best way to stop this endless vicious cycle is to do this… 

Increase your high-intensity strength training and exercise to allow your body to use more of the stored fat as energy and also to sensitize your hormones such as insulin.  This will allow your body to properly use the calories you are consuming. 

The second thing is to eat a diet that eliminates un-healthy fats and only consume a moderate amount of healthy fats.  The reason for this is we don’t want to be doing anything that is going to increase TNF-a and increase other cytokines. 

Making these changes allows your fat cells to start functioning properly again so that you end up with decreased TNF-a and also reduced levels of inflammation. 

You are now in control of your body and unlocking those stored fat cells to be released for energy.

Result:  Weight Loss… 

We have developed a formula that has been used for many years to help your metabolism burn at a faster rate and to prevent the elevation of inflammation and cytokines. 

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