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Intermittent Dieting For Weight Loss

You have probably heard of intermittent fasting. 

It is a popular form of weight loss where you only eat during a certain time frame or what some call feeding window. 

Usually that window is 6-8 hours long and can be morning/afternoon or afternoon/evening.  It is up to you and what works for you.  You then don’t eat anything or drink calorie filled drinks during the 16-18 hours of fasting.  

Researchers took this concept and decided to look at this in the form of dieting in general.  

They found it helped women not only lose weight, but keep it off and these same women reduced their risk factor for cancer because it lowered one of the most powerful cancer causing hormones produced by your body. 

The general rule is that if you eat less calorie than what you burn you will lose weight.  This is why so many cut calories to try and lose weight.  As many of us know this type of calorie restriction may not always help us lose weight though.

Our tendency is to cut even more calorie and exercise more yet the scale still doesn’t budge. 

Researchers decided to dig into this a little and find something that worked for those who cut calories, but still can’t lose weight. 

They decided to test out their hypothesis of Intermittent Dieting… 

It does involve cutting calories and it does require making GOOD FOOD choices. 

What it doesn’t do though is make you cut calorie every day. 

What they found was that cutting calories every day left most people feeling hungry throughout the week.

This makes you end up overeating because you are so hungry from cutting calories all week.

Their intermittent dieting protocol is only 2 days per week. 

Just 2 days of significant calorie restriction achieved some very dramatic weight loss 

The researchers round that the women who only ate 650 calories for 2 days actually increased their weight loss and also improved their hormone levels.

This was compared to the other participants who had a continuous energy restricted diet of 1500 calories per day for the full week. 

The intermittent dieting plan: 

Lowered Insulin Levels
Lowered Leptin Levels
Lowered C Reactive Protein Levels
Improved Blood Lipids and Lowered Triglycerides











This group also lost more weight than the other group and IMPROVED insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels.

This is important because insulin resistance may lead to an increased risk for developing Diabetes and Cancer. 

There was even more good news from this study they conducted… 

They noticed a decrease in INFLAMMATORY markers like C-reactive protein. 

When you reduce the level of this c-reactive protein means you are also reducing INFLAMMATION in your body. 

What most people don’t know is that if you have increased internal inflammation it can make your fat cells SICK.  When this happens it reduces the fat’s ability to release hormone that help with fat burning of all things.   

Inflammation can also lead to a host of different chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity and many other health issues. 

Most of the time we have no idea that the cells in our body are INFLAMED. 

Fortunately, in the past few years doctors have been able to provide a simple blood test that can measure how many inflammatory proteins are found in your blood. 

This can help get ahead of this before it gets out of hand. 


This research has shown us that we don’t have to try and kills ourselves dieting day in and day out and that intermittent dieting can be just as effective for weight loss.  

It also shows that it can provide other powerful health benefits.

Some say this is the new secret to weight loss and time will tell, but for those that have tried restricting calories on a continual basis with no success then this type of dieting could be the answer they are looking for. 

You still have to eat good the other 5 days and make good food choices.  You can’t eat fast food all 5 days and expect that the 2 days of calorie restriction will take it all off. 

Science has shown though that if you significantly restrict for 2 days and then eat healthy and at the level of calories your body needs without over indulging then this could be an effective way to lose the weight.  

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