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Love Carbs, But Worried About Eating Too Much Sugar?

If you are worried about what too many sugars can do to your health, your curves and bodyweight then I have some great news for you.  

Scientists have discovered a new “whey” to control blood sugars which therefore decreases the potential risk for developing diabetes and expanding waistlines. 

As we all know diabetes is a disease that destroys the health of millions of people all over the world.

It can also increase your risk for neuropathy, blindness and heart disease.

Latest estimates show that over 29 million people have diabetes and 7 million of those 29 don’t even know they have it. 

What we fear is our blood sugars being elevated or out of control and what it can do to our health and our body shape.  This is really why we avoid sugars as much as we do. 

Findings in a new research study that has been published shows promise for controlling blood sugar levels.  

And it involves using Whey Protein. 

Here’s what they found…

Participants were randomly selected to receive 50 grams of whey protein or a placebo drink before they ate a high-carb meal that was designed to increase blood sugar levels.  

What they found was that the participants who received the whey protein had their blood glucose levels actually decline by 28 percent. 

They also found that insulin and C-peptide responses were both higher with the whey protein drink before a meal when compared to the placebo. 

They also noticed that actual insulin was 96% higher in the early stages of the meal when blood sugars should be elevating.  

What the researchers concluded was that the consumption of whey protein shortly before a high carb meal increased the early and late secretion of insulin which then lowers blood sugar levels.  They are saying that this may be a good method for lowering blood sugars.  

Usually when blood sugars get too high or become chronically high it is because insulin isn’t working as it should. 

This study is indicating that consuming whey protein may help in better utilization of insulin which could improve blood sugar levels.  

So, if you love those carbs this doesn’t mean you can pig out on the carbs.  When you know you are going to have a higher carb meal instead of being stressed over it just consume a whey protein shake before the meal and let the whey protein activate more insulin so that you don’t have extra sugar floating around in your blood that could be stored as fat. 

Another area that many stress about is late night eating or their craving for desserts.  We have a solution for that because that is something I have struggled with myself. 

I call it Pro Pudding and it is delicious tasting different flavored puddings that are high in protein and low in sugar. 

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