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Natural Way To Lose Weight

There are of course multiple ways to lose weight and some are very beneficial and others don’t work so well. 

Some people also look for that one magical solution and others understand that it isn’t just one thing that will have you losing weight and keep it off.  

Of course healthy nutrition and exercise play a big role in your overall success. 

Many times it is those little nutritional changes that can have the longest lasting benefit.  

One of those changes could actually be a nutrient that you are lacking in your diet. 

The great thing is that you can get plenty of this nutrient from whole foods. 

The power of chromium may surprise you so let me explain…

Chromium is what is called an essential nutrient.  It aids in many different chemical processes in your body.  

Besides supplementation you can get chromium in your diet by including whole foods and lean meats. 

Here is a quick list of foods that contain Chromium and the amount it contains. 

  • 1 cup of broccoli: 22.0 mcg
  • 3 oz cooked, dark turkey meat: 10.4 mcg
  • 1 cup of grape juice: 7.5 mcg
  • 1 egg: 6.7 mcg

Even though it is an essential nutrient many people may be deficient in it because they just aren’t eating the right foods that are considered good sources. 

It is a nutrient that can accumulate in your body to aid in higher metabolic activity. 

In relation to weight loss here is how chromium has the biggest benefit. 

Chromium helps to stabilize your blood sugar by improving the effectiveness of something called Glucose Tolerance Factor (GFT).  It is found in your kidneys and helps your cells utilize insulin more effectively. 

It does this by helping insulin to bind or attach itself to insulin receptor sites on your cells. 

This allows blood sugar to enter your cells from your bloodstream and use it as energy.

It may also help in the breakdown of nutrients in your gut by activating specific enzymes that help in the digestion of different food particles. 

Scientists have also found that if you take chromium as a supplement and combine it with biotin that blood sugar may be more effectively controlled than by just consuming chromium alone.  

When you have more blood sugar being processed by your muscle cells for energy instead of stored as fat you can increase your chances of losing weight. 

Researchers also noted that those who supplemented with chromium and biotin showed increased lean muscle mass than those who didn’t combine both nutrients.  

The takeaway here is to first increase your whole foods that contain chromium as it is a powerful trace mineral that can assist with achieving your ideal body.  Then look into combining it with biotin as a supplement especially if you are not able to consume enough through whole foods. 

The combination of both can not only boost your metabolism by better utilizing the sugars in your bloodstream, but it can also increase LEAN mass which actively increases your metabolism. 

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