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The Weight Loss Power Of Garlic

What if I told you that nature’s antibiotic is one of the newest nutrients found to help battle the obesity epidemic. 

It’s true!...

Garlic has already been shown to have beneficial effects from helping with heart disease, blood pressure and even lowering cholesterol. 

We can now add obesity fighting benefits to this list. 

Scientists have learned that along with heart disease there are other diseases that start by an inflammation response.  Fat cell growth is one of these. 

Chronic low-level inflammation leads to fat cells becoming impaired.  This inflammation leads to the release of other pro-inflammatory cytokines, macrophages and proteins from the fat cells. 

Certain properties that are found in garlic can reduce these molecules from being released by the fat cells.  They are ant-inflammatory and anti-obesity properties.  This is important because the more pro-inflammatory molecules that are released leads to higher obesity levels.  It starts to compound on itself. 

Allyl isothiocyanate is a phytochemical that is a major component of garlic that stops the production of these pro-inflammatory mediators.

Here are some of the harmful mediators that garlic is blocking…

TNF-a – This is a major cytokine involved in systematic inflammation and higher levels of this lead to insulin resistance in the body.

MCP-1 – This is a protein that recruits more molecules to an area of inflammation.  It is commonly found in joints and other areas of the body and is common with arthritis.  Higher levels of MCP-1 accelerates the inflammation response in fat tissue.

So how does Allyl isothiocyanate and garlic help with weight loss?...

In fat cells before they become permanent fat cells they go through a pre-fat cells process call adipogenesis.  Simply put garlic stops pre-fat cells from becoming permanent fat cells by shutting down this adipogenesis process.

The same research has also shown us that garlic can increase activate of brown fat tissue which increases the metabolic rate in brown fat cells.  We always want to burn more calories and this is what this is saying here.  :) 

Garlic is a potent nutrient used in cooking to increase the taste of meals.  Some people know that it has powerful effects when it comes to heart disease. 

Most people are not aware of such powerful benefits it has with losing weight and lowering internal inflammation.  Try adding more garlic to your meals and take advantage of the ant-inflammatory and anti- obesity benefits that it has. 

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