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The Whey To Better Appetite Control

Regardless of which diet you follow one of the hardest components of any diet is appetite control. 

Any time there is a dietary switch that requires you to pay attention to your nutrition then controlling and shutting down your old habits becomes very hard. 

Your appetite is your biggest enemy when you are trying to make a conscious effort to eat better. 

It could be on those days when you have an off-day from your workouts and you are trying to eat less.  Or you have a work party and we know how those go with the food and alcohol.  How do you stick to your diet then??

Thankfully scientists have been in the lab working on figuring out which foods can help you eat less or how to avoid foods that won’t help you lose weight.

One of those foods that they have found to be promising is whey protein.  

Yep, good ol’ whey protein powder…

In multiple studies they have compared whey to other protein sources and also compared it to carbohydrates and fiber.  Whey protein has been shown to decrease food intake and control appetite up to 1 to 4 hours later. 

In the end you will have less temptations to eat until you are stuffed if you drink a whey protein shake prior to your meal.

In a recent Australian study, a whey protein drink was compared to tuna, egg and turkey four hours before the participants were presented with a buffet meal. 

They whey protein was found to result in lower hunger scores and reduced food intake at the buffet. 

If you look at calorie to calorie and protein to protein whey protein does a better job at helping you feel more satisfied and help prevent you from overeating when tempted with food. 

In another study researchers compared whey protein to soy and casein on satiety and hunger. 25 men and women were presented with a custard breakfast that was made with either whey, soy or casein protein and offered lunch 3 hours later.  The protein in the custard was either 10% of the total custard calories or 25%. 

When looking at the 10% custard options the whey protein suppressed appetite and improved satiety better than the casein and soy protein custards.  At 25% custard options all the proteins had a similar effect on appetite and satiety. 

What they learned from this study is that even with small doses of whey protein it can decrease appetite compared to other proteins.  

If you just want to consume only a few calories before a big meal then your best choice is whey protein instead of other protein options.

Whey protein will help you stick with your diet plans and make sure that you don’t overeat when faced with those temptations of other foods.

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