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Top 5 Kitchen Hacks You Need To Reach Your Goals

Here is a quick guide to hacking your kitchen so that you can reach your bodyweight goals faster. 

Implement these 5 Kitchen Hacks to reach your dream body.

1. Season To Taste:  Your taste buds will tell you what you like best so if a recipe calls for a set amount of different spices or seasonings test them out and see what your taste profile is.  The less sodium you can use the better as you will hold less water and your body will look leaner and tighter.  

2. Create Your Own Recipes: Expand an existing recipe and make it your own.  If you have some extra mushrooms or a red bell pepper and you think it will add to an existing recipe go ahead and include them. 

Or if you are not a fan of chicken, but the rest of the recipe has delicious ingredients then swap it out for beef.   You will be amazed at how many different new recipes you can create from just 1 recipe template.

Don’t be afraid to expand and create something amazing.

3. Ask For Advice From Others: Butchers and produce staff know their products.  They know the best cuts of meat and how they should be cooked.  Or which produce makes great recipes and what to make them with.  Utilize their expertise to make your dinners taste amazing.

4. Choose Best Quality: Inspect what you buy and choose high quality fruits, vegetables and meat.  They can make all the difference in how a meal tastes.

A healthier high quality food leads to a healthier high quality body.  It is worth the extra few dollars to reach your ideal body. 

5. Take Advantage Of Local: Since we had mentioned quality I wanted to suggest buying from local farms.  You tend to get fresher product and meat and it is also likely to taste better.  Buy also buying food that comes just out of the field you are getting it at its highest nutrient value.

Implement these 5 Simple Kitchen Hacks to eating healthier and not only will your food taste better but your body will respond favorably in reaching your ideal body.

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