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Whey Protein Burns More Calories

Most of us know that when we lift heavy we tend to build more muscle and have less body fat. 

Complex exercises such as front squats, Olympic lifts, deadlifts and so forth stimulate muscle protein synthesis and can increase fat burning for hours after your workout is over. 

Research studies have also shown us that certain foods can help us increase the amount of fat burned for energy and also increase the muscle protein synthesis. 

One specific food is whey protein. 

It has been shown in numerous different research studies to increase muscle protein synthesis when taken before and after a heavy strength workout.  

What research studies have also shown us from Michigan State University is that when a whey protein supplement was taken before a heavy strength session that the resting energy rate was significantly elevated for 24 hours compared to just a carbohydrate supplement. 

Your resting energy rate is a measure of the amount of calories you burn in one day and it accounts for about 60-75% of your total daily energy needs.  If a person has a higher Resting Energy Rate they will burn more calories in a day and store less of those calories as body fat. 

In this study they took 8 participants that were experienced in weight training and were given either a supplement contain just Whey Protein or Nesquik chocolate milk.  They gave them to them randomly and two separate days 20 minutes before they started lifting.

Although both sessions of strength training after both the protein and carb drink increased their resting energy rate and fat oxidation for 24 hours after the session was over the whey protein supplement increased the resting energy rate significantly more at the 24 hour mark.

The whey protein supplement provided BCAAs along with other amino acids to the muscle tissue during the training session which were used to prolong the muscle protein synthesis for several hours after they were done training.  

If you are looking to increase the amount of calories you burn after a heavy training day and build more muscle then Whey Protein during and after your workout is the Whey (no pun intended) to do it.  :) 

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