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Autographed Copy of "Becoming a One-Percenter: The 99 Keys to Mastering Your Life and Rising to the Top"


99% of the population may be content to plod along in life but those in the remaining One Percent find a new way every day to excel and succeed!

Here's your chance to join this elite group of One-Percenters and discover how to prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually to overcome the odds and reap all the benefits of your incredible potential!

In Becoming a One-Percenter: The 99 Keys to Mastering Your Life and Rising to the Top, Dr. Sam Bakhtiar delivers the hard-won wisdom he's earned over his amazing life and the out-of-the-box advice that will allow you to reach the heights as well. From mental attitude to nutrition, from fitness to life secrets, Dr. Sam details what transformed him into a super-achieving One-Percenters and what you need to do to leave the other 99% behind!

When we are children, we have big dreams, big ambitions, and we want to be the best. But somehow as we get older we lose that ambition, and we settle for less. That's what 99% of people do. There is that 1% that dream big and are always striving to do whatever it takes to become the best version of themselves. They don't try to fit in, they do their own thing and are 100% focused on becoming the top 1%.

Being a One Percenter doesn't mean that you're better than anybody else. Being a One Percenter is all about becoming the best version of yourself. This is not about competing with anyone else it's about competing against yourself and becoming the best you. Buy your copy of Becoming a One-Percenter today and start to become the best version of yourself.

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